Guest Posts, Notable People & Places / 22.03.2012

This is a guest post by Aaron. Art fans will focus Thursday night on the outer walls of the Hirshhorn Museum.  Eleven video projectors will paint the Smithsonian's modern and contemporary ring with 360 degrees of a looping film called, "SONG 1."  The Hirshhorn's exterior will become exhibition space as artist Doug Aitken transforms the circumference into an inside-out movie screen.  Just for a few weeks. It all sounds very cool.  But this is a blog about the past.  And there are some fascinating stories about the Hirshhorn's prime spot on the Mall.  The New York Times used their editorial page for a scathing architecture review in 1974.  And did you know that an entirely different museum stood at the same location until 1968?

Notable People & Places / 13.01.2012

The description below is cut straight from YouTube. This is a home movie from Lady Bird Johnson during the 1960s. The LBJ Library has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to these, so check them out. They're also on Twitter and Facebook. The footage is outside and the film is silent. The film starts with Lady Bird Johnson and others posing in front of a house somewhere in Virginia? There are views of the house and unidentified women and a man posing and then unidentified people sitting/eating at tables.
Historical Events, Notable People & Places / 11.01.2012

One of the most powerful and important inaugural addresses of all time, this is something worth watching in its entirety. The whole speech is below if you'd like to read it. This is a truly amazing and powerful speech. If you want to skip to the famous quote, start watching at 13:45. The full text of the speech is below if you'd like to read along.