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Carroll Hall Loses His Left Eye After Being Struck By a Flying Hockey Puck
Carroll Hall, a local newspaper and public relations man, lost his left eye after being struck by a flying hockey puck at a Washington Presidents-New Haven Blades game. Read the article from The Washington Post and Times Herald from December 16th, 1957.
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The Washington Capitals' Inaugural Game
The first game was set for October 9th, 1974 against the New York Rangers, not the best team, but a strong NHL team.
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Exploring the Washington Lions of the American Hockey League (AHL)
Join us on a journey to explore the Washington Lions of the American Hockey League (AHL). Learn about their connection to Montreal, their brief history in DC, and check out their great programs.
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Roller Hockey in Columbia Heights: Before Ovechkin and the Capitals, We Had the Whiting Brothers
Before Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals, we had the Whiting brothers playing roller hockey in Columbia Heights. Learn about the thrilling roller hockey matches of 1926 and the 24-hour roller skating race of 1922!
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