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Aerial view of Pennsylvania Avenue looking west, showing Federal Triangle and the National Mall. (2006)
Federal Triangle History: The Story Behind A Name
The history behind the Federal Triangle moniker reveals an intriguing story intertwined with the urban evolution of Washington D.C. in the early 1900s.
Aerial view of Washington, D.C., offering a good view of the "triangle" in the Federal Triangle row of federal office buildings.  Image taken during the 1980s.  Note the Navy Memorial construction
An Aerial View of Federal Triangle and the Navy Memorial Under Construction
Get a bird's eye view of Washington, D.C. with this aerial shot of Federal Triangle and the Navy Memorial under construction. Image taken during the 1980s.
Washington, D.C., circa 1931. "Department of Commerce under construction from top of National Press Building looking down 14th Street." Willard Hotel at right. Large format negative by Theodor Horydczak.
Unbelievable: Incredible Image of Department of Commerce Under Construction from Shorpy
Unbelievable! Check out this incredible image of the Department of Commerce under construction from the top of the National Press Building looking down 14th Street. Willard Hotel at right. From Shorpy.com.
Looking southwest at the Old Post Office Pavilion (far left), Southern Railway Building (middle), and District Building on Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C., in 1932. On in the fall of 1932, the structures in rear of the District Building would be razed to make way for the U.S. Department of Labor building, whose cornerstone would be laid on December 15, 1932
A Glimpse into the Past: An Amazing Shot of What Would Become Federal Triangle in 1932
Take a look back in time with this amazing shot of what would become Federal Triangle in Washington, D.C. in 1932. See the Old Post Office Pavilion, Southern Railway Building, and District Building in this historic photo.
Department of Commerce, 15th St. side
Three Stories About the Department of Commerce Building
Did you know the Commerce Department is built on top of an ancient pirate ghost river? Or that lost alligators once wandered the halls?
Murder Bay in 1855 (Smithsonian)
Where Was Murder Bay in Washington, DC?
If you’re the kind of person that thinks walking home from Wonderland is sketchy, needs bars on your windows in Eckington or believes Petworth is a “fringe” neighborhood, you wouldn’t stand a chance in Murder Bay.

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