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Nazi Plot Included Forging Roosevelt’s Signature

Now this is a rather interesting article that we dug up from the newspaper. It was printed in The Washington Post on October 20th, 1938,...
Frank Morris - Alcatraz Inmate # 1441 (alcatrazhistory.com

Frank Morris: Only Alcatraz Escapee Was From D.C.

Frank Morris was from Washington, DC and the only person to escape from Alcatraz. He was declared dead in 1979, but he may still be alive.

Senator John Stennis Mugged and Shot in Front of Cleveland Park Home

That's right, the Senator from Mississippi and chairman of the Armed Services Committee was shot both in the chest and the leg, after he...
Dulles Airport at night

Three Things You Didn’t Know About Dulles Airport

Know the history of Dulles Airport outside Washington? It was born in the 1960s as the first airport specifically built for jet aircraft.

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