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Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., former mayor of Baltimore, talks on March 28, 1961, at the White House with President John Kennedy after taking the oath to become a member of the Federal Renegotiation Board. Mrs. D’Alesandro and their daughter, Nancy (left), are in the background.
Mayor D'Alesandro Opposes Building an Airport in Virginia: A Look Back at the 1949 Washington Post Article
In 1949, Mayor Thomas D'Alesandro opposed building an airport in Virginia to relieve Washington's air traffic. Check out this article from The Washington Post to learn more about the story. #GhostsOfDC #1940s #Airport #DCA #BWI #Dulles
A Pan Am 707 on the runway
Aviation History in the Washington Region: The First Transatlantic Passenger Jet Service
Aviation has a long history in the Washington area. In 1958, Pan Am inaugurated their transatlantic passenger jet service. President Eisenhower was present for the christening ceremony at National Airport. Learn more about this historic moment!

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