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Washington Heights Home for Sale
Imagine Living Blocks from Adams Morgan's 18th Street and Owning a Home for $8,500 - Even in Today's Dollars!
In 1904, buying a home in Washington, D.C.'s Mintwood Place was a bargain, at $8,500. That same home is now worth more than $1.2 million! Learn more about the long-term appreciation of property values in this blog post.
1832 Biltmore St. NW
How to Live for Just $37.50 a Month: Unbelievable Apartment Deals from 1908
Can you imagine living in an apartment for only $37.50 a month? Believe it or not, it was possible in 1908! Learn more about this incredible deal, and the original name for Adams Morgan - Washington Heights!
homes on Kalorama Rd. in Washington Heights
A Look Back at Kalorama Rd. in 1902: An Old Ad from The Evening Star
Take a look back in time to an old ad from The Evening Star from December 13th, 1902. It shows a bunch of homes on Kalorama Rd. in what is now Adams Morgan, then called Washington Heights.
1907 map of Washington Heights
1907 Map of Washington Heights (Adams Morgan) and the National Zoo
1907 map of Washington Heights, the area which would become Adams Morgan.
Madam's Organ by Day
If Walls Could Talk: Madam's Organ
Today, 2461 18th St. NW is one of the more popular late-night destinations in the rowdy Adams Morgan neighborhood. Far from it's days as a store where you could buy a crib.
1903 map of Kalorama and Washington Heights
A Look Back at Washington Heights (Adams Morgan) and Kalorama in 1903
Explore what Washington Heights (Adams Morgan) and Kalorama looked like in 1903 with this map of the area just north of Boundary Street (Florida Avenue).
Ghost Dog visits the Duke Ellington Bridge
Ghost Dog Visits the Duke Ellington Bridge: Three Stories From This Historic Landmark
Ghost Dog went on a walk this past weekend to seek out three stories from the Duke Ellington Bridge (formerly known as the Calvert Street Bridge). Learn about the opening day, a 100-foot plunge, and a compromise on aesthetics to save lives.
The Evening Star - June 22nd, 1901
In The Paper Series: Exploring The Evening Star Newspaper From June 22nd, 1901
Read through an old newspaper with us! Our new "In The Paper" series lets you explore the Evening Star newspaper from June 22nd, 1901. Let us know if you find anything interesting!
Washington Heights real estate advertisement in 1904
Old Real Estate Ads: Washington Heights in 1904 and the Creation of FIFA
Take a look at an old real estate advertisement from Washington Heights in 1904 and learn about the creation of FIFA one week earlier. Today, Washington Heights is known as Adams Morgan.
Fitch, Fox & Brown real estate advertisement for Lanier Heights - April 19th, 1884 (The National Republican)
Discover Lanier Heights & Adams Morgan – Newly Subdivided Lots North of Columbia Rd. NW
Invest in newly subdivided lots just north of Columbia Rd. NW in the historic neighborhoods of Lanier Heights & Adams Morgan. Learn more in this blog post!

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