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Exploring Southwest D.C. in 1899 and Now: The Aftermath of the 1899 Blizzard
Explore Southwest D.C. in 1899 and now! See a photo of the aftermath of the 1899 blizzard, and the same view today. See what the area looked like after the blizzard and how it looks now.
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Coldest Day Ever in Washington, DC at -15 Degrees Fahrenheit
The coldest day ever in Washington was in 1899. On February 11th, it was recorded to be -15 degrees fahrenheit.
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A Look Back: A Photo of the Government Printing Office on North Capitol St.
Take a look back at a really cool old photo of the Government Printing Office off of North Capitol St. Don't miss this great story about a man who worked at the GPO and his family!
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How Much Did a Taxi Cost in DC in 1947? Unbelievable Rates Revealed
Take a look at what it cost to take a taxi in Washington D.C. in 1947. You won't believe your eyes when you see the unbelievable rates revealed in this article from The Washington Post. Plus, find out who is taking a cab from D.C. to Charlottesville or Gettysburg.
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William Andrew Johnson: The Former Slave Who Visited President Roosevelt at the White House
William Andrew Johnson, a former slave of President Andrew Johnson, was a guest at the White House when he visited President Franklin Roosevelt. Read the incredible story of his meeting with President Roosevelt, as well as details from his life before and after the Emancipation Proclamation.
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Duke vs. GWU Football Game, November 13th, 1948 – A Completely Lopsided 62-0 Victory for Duke!
On November 13th, 1948, Duke and GWU met in a football game that was lopsided to say the least. Duke won by an incredible 62-0 score - read on to learn more about the game!
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A Photo Shared by GoDC Reader Carol and a Former Tomb Guard's Perspective
Carol shared a cool photo with us, and we're hoping to get some insight from a former Tomb Guard. GoDCer Ben, can you add your comments below? See the photo and find out more here!
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Inspired by Baltimore Photo We Found on Japan Space Imaging Website
We were inspired by a photo we found of Baltimore on the Japan Space Imaging website, thanks to Google. Check out the amazing picture and find out where to find more on the website!
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An Amazing Piece of History: An 1852 Dollar Bill Issued by the Bank of the United States
Take a look at this amazing piece of history: an 1852 dollar bill issued by the Bank of the United States. Read more to learn the story behind this incredible currency item.
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Gem Thief Holds Hundreds at Bay: A Crazy Crime Story at the Gayety Theatre
Explore the crazy crime story of the 1922 gem thief who held hundreds at bay in Washington, D.C. near the Gayety Theatre. Read the full story and see a 1921 map of the area.
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Take a Look at Union Station in the 1960s Through This Amazing Stock Footage!
Take a look at the amazing Union Station in Washington, DC in the 1960s through this vintage stock footage. Don't forget to check out the accompanying photo from 1963!
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Back in 1892: What Adams Morgan Looked Like Before the Jumbo Slices
Take a look back in time to 1892 and see what Adams Morgan looked like before the jumbo slices. Explore a topographic map from the Library of Congress showing the area with no 18th St. and 16th St. and a much more rural landscape.
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Help Us Identify South Dakota Ave., NE in this 1963 Photo
We found this photo of South Dakota Ave., NE from 1963 at the Library of Congress and need help from GoDCers to identify where these homes are, and if they're still standing today. Have any thoughts?
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Unbelievable! Ladies Playing Baseball on the Mall in 1919
Did you know that in 1919, a group of ladies played baseball on the Mall? Check out this incredible photo from the Library of Congress!
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Exploring the Success of a Popular Boarding House in Washington, D.C. in 1882
In 1882, Mrs. Ragan successfully ran a boarding house in Washington, D.C. This article explores the key components of what made it so successful, and provides a closer look at the street where it was located.
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Living in Washington Before Air Conditioning: The President's Miserable Summer
Take a look back at Washington before air conditioning and how the President's summer was made miserable by the heat. Learn more about the history of Washington DC before modern comfort.
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The Washington Post Story of Austria Owing the District Back Taxes 50 Years Ago
On this date, 50 years ago, The Washington Post printed a story about the government of Austria owing the District back taxes on their embassy for lack of payment during World War II. The Austrians have been billed since the property was registered in their name the whole time. Find out if the bill was ever paid.
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The Arrival of Metro in Brookland: Remembering an Article from 1977
Brookland is now an up-and-coming neighborhood in Washington DC, but it wasn't always this way. In 1977, the Washington Post printed an article about how Metro was about to arrive. Read on to learn more about the past and present of this DC neighborhood.
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National Park Shutdown Ruins Weddings, But Some Find Hope
The government shutdown has ruined wedding plans for dozens of couples across the country, but some have found hope in the form of backup venues and even a wedding on TV! Read about the human element of this story in our latest blog post.
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Unearthing an Old Clip: Gonzaga's School Bus from 1923
Take a look back at the past with this old clip from the Washington Post from September 30th, 1923. It shows an old school bus that Gonzaga had procured to transport their athletic teams around the city and region.
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Did They Do The Harlem Shake? Tales from a 19th Century Washington Dance
Step back in time to the 19th century Washington dance scene! Read this article to find out how people danced, find out who was there, and the all-important question: did they do the Harlem Shake? Learn the answer and more here!
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Discovering the Forgotten Ballston Skulls: A Semi-Pro Football Team of the 1930s
Discover the forgotten story of the Ballston Skulls, a semi-pro football team of the 1930s. We've dug up some history and searched for photos, but if you know of any, please let us know!
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Opening Day 1913 ... Play Ball!
Walter Johnsons set to take the mound on Opening Day 1913 against the New York Yankees. President Woodrow Wilson to be in attendance.
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An Amazing Rivalry: Takoma vs Petworth in Washington Amateur Baseball (July 23rd, 1900)
It's been more than a century since two Washington neighborhoods, Takoma and Petworth, went head-to-head in a hotly contested game of amateur baseball. Read on to find out who emerged victorious and for the full box score!
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The Adoption of a Town Flag for Congress Heights: A 1901 Story
Did you know Congress Heights had a town flag? Read the story of its adoption in 1901, with remarks from Gen. Charles E. Hooker, a Mississippi Congressman at the time. Learn about the design of the flag and the reception for Gen. Hooker afterward.
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Uncovering the History of DSL in Washington DC and Feeling Depressed About It
Uncovering an article from 1996 touting the benefits of the new DSL technology made me a little depressed. I'm still using the same technology today and paying far more than I should. Learn about the history of DSL in Washington DC.
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The Haunting Photograph of Liana de Bayle, Daughter of the Minister of Nicaragua
Get a glimpse of the past with this haunting photograph of Liana de Bayle, daughter of the Minister of Nicaragua. Remind you of the movie Poltergeist? Take a look at this photo from 1938 and see for yourself!
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GoDCer Ben Sends Along a Great Photo of the 1912 Washington Post Baseball Scoreboard
GoDCer Ben sent along a great photo of the Washington Post baseball scoreboard from 1912, the same year the Titanic sank. It's remarkable how this low-tech scoreboard resembles our current day ESPN Gameday and MLB.tv.
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Recovering from the Emotional Trauma of Friday Night: A Personal Buckner and Bartman Moment
Recovering from the emotional trauma of Friday night when the Washington Nationals choked against the Cardinals. It's a personal Buckner and Bartman moment. Read this post to get insight on how to move on from this heartbreaking loss. #NATITUDE
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A Fascinating Look at the Unveiling of D.C.'s Christopher Columbus Memorial in 1912
Unveiling of D.C.'s Christopher Columbus Memorial in 1912 was a huge event. Check out fascinating images from the Washington Times on April 29, 1912, when workers moved a veiled statue of Columbus into place. Learn more about the event with this blog post!
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