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Category: GoDC Challenges

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Can You Help Us Identify Where President Wilson’s 1919 Pierce Arrow Is Parked?
Can you help us in our investigation to identify where President Wilson's 1919 Pierce Arrow is parked? Take a look at the photo we've shared and see if you can figure it out. Happy sleuthing!
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Unraveling the Mystery of the Smokestack on Capitol Hill
Discover the mystery of the smokestack on Capitol Hill! An image sent to us by GoDCer Geoff and a satellite view from Google Maps help us to unravel this mystery. Check out the 1921 Baist map and share your thoughts in the comments!
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Help GoDCers Solve a 100+ Year Old Mystery: Where Was This Photo Taken?
Can you help GoDCers solve a 100+ year old mystery? We need your help to figure out where this photo was taken in Washington, DC. The photo and a note from GoDCer Jeff (including his friend Alan) are included. Take a closer look and join in the discussion in the comments!
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Hey GoDCers ... Where is this Parking Lot from 1937?
Hey GoDCers! Take a look at this photo from July 1937 of a parking lot in Washington, D.C. Think you know where it is? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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Uncovering the History of a Mysterious Washington, DC Home
Step back in time and uncover the history of a mysterious Washington, DC home. With a photo taken in the late 1920s or early 1930s, can you help identify this house?
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Help a GoDCer Identify This Mysterious Image
GoDCer Christina has shared an image and needs your help to identify it. What is it and where is it (or was it)? Put your thoughts in the comments below!
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