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Day: November 5, 2013

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Hawkins Motors advertisement in 1931

Hawkins Motors at 1529 14th Street

We received an email the other day from Stuart asking about 1529 14th St. NW, now the location of the Matrix. After a quick search, we came up with about 100 advertisements in 1930-1931 for Hawkins Motors, which was located in the building back then. Here’s the advertisement that was running in The Washington Post for […]

view down Pennsylvania Ave. in 1905 during Roosevelt's inauguration

Height of Buildings Op-Ed: Skyscrapers Are a Menace (1905)

The debate over building height is certainly not a new one for Washington. It seems to be heating up again and we thought it would be interesting to dig up previous arguments from the archives of The Washington Post. Source: Library of Congress Here is one letter to the editor, printed on April 24th, 1905. Editor […]

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