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June 6, 2013

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The 1947 Attempted Assassination of Senator John W. Bricker of Ohio
This is the story of the 1947 attempted assassination of Senator John W. Bricker of Ohio. Learn how a disgruntled former Capitol policeman tried to 'refresh' the Senator's memory about a financial loss he blamed on Bricker.
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A Look at Dupont Circle Underpass Construction From DDOT Photos
Take a look at this amazing photo of Dupont Circle Underpass construction from DDOT Photos. Learn more about the history of the construction and find out what the area looks like today!
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This Retro Metro Infomercial from the 1970s Is Amazing!
Check out this amazing retro DC Metro infomercial from the 1970s! Thanks to GoDCer Harrison for sharing this awesome find on InTheCapital.
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The Unfinished Washington Monument: From Eyesore to Beef Depot
Learn the surprising history of the Washington Monument before it was completed. From an eyesore to a beef depot, discover the unique story of this iconic landmark.
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