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Posted In December 6, 2012

Portrait of Abraham Lincoln by Matthew Brady
An In-Depth Look at Mathew Brady's Iconic Portrait of Abraham Lincoln
Explore the history and meaning behind Mathew Brady's iconic portrait of Abraham Lincoln. Learn how this influential image has shaped how we remember the 16th President of the United States.
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Remembering the Denby Christmas Tree: A Look Back at a Formal Christmas Celebrated by Secretary of the Navy Edwin Denby and His Son
Take a look back at a formal Christmas celebrated by Secretary of the Navy Edwin Denby and his son. See the photo of the Denby Christmas tree and learn the tragic story of Edwin Denby, Jr.
Washington circa 1916. "Fairview Hotel, 1st Street and Florida Avenue." The proprietor is former slave and "colored philosopher" Keith Sutherland. See the comments below for more on him. Harris & Ewing glass negative.
Ex-King of Hell's Bottom
“Keitt” Sutherland is definitely one of the top characters we have come across. And, I think it’s safe to say, Officer Sprinkle must have come across some of the ruffians from Hell’s Bottom in his time as the hero of the police force.
Old man selling strawberries on the street - 1900
Old Man Selling Strawberries on the Street - 1900: A Photo from Flickr
Take a look at this amazing photo of an old man selling strawberries on the street from the year 1900! This photo was found on Flickr and is sure to be a memorable one.
Zebra Room
When House Speaker Carl Albert Hit Two Cars on Capitol Hill
This is an article from the Washington Post on September 11th, 1972, when House Speaker Carl Albert, driven by too many drinks, hit two vehicles on Capitol Hill. Read this great story to find out what happened next!

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