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Day: December 6, 2012

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Merry Christmas From the Secretary of the Navy (1922)

The family below is celebrating, what appears to be, a very formal Christmas. Look how stiff the father is … he happens to be Edwin Denby, Secretary of the Navy. The 10-year-old boy in this photo — super excited to get the rifle — is Edwin Denby, Jr. On February 11th, 1942, he was killed […]

Washington circa 1916. "Fairview Hotel, 1st Street and Florida Avenue." The proprietor is former slave and "colored philosopher" Keith Sutherland. See the comments below for more on him. Harris & Ewing glass negative.

Ex-King of Hell’s Bottom

“Keitt” Sutherland is definitely one of the top characters we have come across. And, I think it’s safe to say, Officer Sprinkle must have come across some of the ruffians from Hell’s Bottom in his time as the hero of the police force.

Drunk Speaker of the House Crashes Into Two Cars

This is a great tale to share with your friends, especially if you work on the Hill. I credit GoDCer and frequent suggester of excellent stories, Marty, with this one. Here’s an article from the Washington Post on September 11th, 1972. A car driven by House Speaker Carl Albert struck two vehicles at Wisconsin and Macomb Street […]

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