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Posted In November 9, 2012

Silver Spring, Maryland, circa 1927. National Photo glass negatives marked "Jordan & Co." Among the new construction shown here is a National Guard armory. National Photo Company Collection.
Silver Spring, Maryland in 1927: The National Guard Armory that is Still There Today!
Check out this amazing building in Silver Spring, Maryland! Built in 1927, the National Guard Armory is still standing today. Take a look at the photo and map to learn more about this amazing structure.
Jail transfer from the Police Court signed by Marshal Douglass, Nov. 28, 1880. Photo Workhouse Prison Museum at Lorton.
The Near-Lynching of Tom Smothers in Washington, D.C. and Frederick Douglass' Role in Saving Him
Learn the incredible story of how Frederick Douglass, then U.S. Marshal of Washington, D.C., saved Tom Smothers from a near-lynching in 1880. Read an excerpt from John Muller's book to learn more.

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