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Day: October 3, 2012

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Two kids sharing one soda

Cute Overload: One Soda, Two Kids, Two Straws

This is a photo fit for Cute Overload (if you’re into that stuff). This is the precursor to that scene in Lady and the Tramp. The two are attending the White House Easter Egg Roll in 1922 and are quenching their thirst together.

June 21, 1926. Washington, D.C. "Peggy Walsh, Clytie Collier and Ethel Barrymore Colt." National Photo Company glass negative.

Three Young Women in Bathing Suits (Including Drew Barrymore’s Cousin)

Life was pretty good for the young women in this photo. From left to right we have Peggy Walsh, Clytie Collier and Ethel Barrymore Colt (i.e., Drew Barrymore’s cousin, once removed). These young women were living the good life during the summer of 1926. Peggy Walsh Peggy was born in 1909 to Edward, a successful […]

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