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Day: April 6, 2012

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Franklin MacVeagh in 1909 (Wikipedia)

All Ideas of Beauty and Order Are Forgotten in the Suburbs

Secretary of the Treasury Franklin MacVeagh was a man that appreciated beauty and the aesthetics of architecture. He was also a clear supporter of urban planning with an eye towards maintaining or enhancing the appeal of a city. Here’s an article I came across in the Washington Post exactly one hundred years ago today … […]

Inside of lodging house and opium den in San Francisco, 1890s (Wikipedia)

There Was an Opium Den on Pennsylvania Avenue?

You may be aware of the blight that lined Pennsylvania Avenue in the 1970s with the proliferation of sleezy strip clubs and adult shops, but did you know that over 100 years ago, you could head to the old Chinatown and indulge yourself into a opium-induced stupor? That’s right, our very own city had opium […]

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