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The Town Fathers of Takoma Park, MD Declared War on Wild Guns, Wild Dogs and Wild Weeds in 1928
In 1928, the town fathers of Takoma Park, MD declared war on wild guns, wild dogs and wild weeds. Read on to learn more about the heave-handed way they brought order to this quiet little town!
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Exploring the Outlines of Proposed Roads on a 1907 Map of Takoma Park
Take a look at this amazing 1907 map of Takoma Park and explore the outlines of proposed roads in and around the area. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.
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Dome Gas in Takoma
This photo is of the old Dome gas service station in Takoma (or possibly Takoma Park). The caption says Takoma Park, but according to this page, the location was at Cedar and Blair, just inside the District line. This would also make sense because the railroad tracks in the background are still there today. “Dome Oil Co., Takoma Park.” In Maryland in 1921, a gritty diorama of the Petroleum...
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