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Posted In Old Post Office Pavilion

Circa 1911. "Washington from Washington Monument." Points of interest in this panoramic view include B Street (today's Constitution Avenue), running diagonally from the Potomac Electric powerhouse at lower left; Louisiana Avenue, branching off in the general direction of Union Station at upper right; the Old Post Office and its clock tower at left-center across Pennsylvania Avenue from the Raleigh Hotel under construction; the Agriculture Department greenhouses in the foreground with a corner of the Smithsonian "National Museum" at far right, just below Center Market; Liberty Market at upper left, below what looks to be a vast tent encampment; and, at right-upper-center, the Pension Office north of Judiciary Square and the District Court House. 8x10 glass negative, Detroit Publishing Co.
A Rare Look at Downtown DC in 1911: A Photo From the Air
Get a rare glimpse of downtown DC in 1911 with this photo taken from the air. See the amazing details of the Old Post Office and other points of interest in this panoramic view.
Old Post Office in 1911
A Spooky, Yet Beautiful Photo of the Old Post Office in 1911
Take a look at this spooky, yet beautiful photo of the Old Post Office in Washington D.C. from 1911. Captured on a snowy, foggy night, the photo was labeled June 5th but clearly it didn't snow then. See the photo for yourself!
Washington, D.C., circa 1922. "Star Building from air." The Washington Star newspaper building at the center is at the intersection of 11th Street N.W. and Pennsylvania Avenue, which runs diagonally across the photo. The big building with the tower us the Old Post Office. There's a lot to see here, including laundry hung out to dry. National Photo Company glass negative.
Incredible View of Washington, D.C. in 1922
Get an incredible bird's-eye view of Washington, D.C. in 1922! See the Washington Star newspaper building, the Old Post Office, and more. Click now for the full view!
inside the Old Post Office
Exploring the Old Post Office Building in Washington, DC: Photos from 1920
Take a trip back in time by viewing these amazing photos from 1920 of the Old Post Office Building in Washington, DC. Learn about the history of the building and why it's still standing today, despite President Trump's plans for it.
Old Post Office Pavilion in 1915
Old Post Office Pavilion: Donald Trump's Newest Property. Hope He Doesn't F*ck it Up!
Donald Trump's newest property is the beautiful Old Post Office Pavilion. Let's hope the businessman doesn't ruin the historic building and make it ridiculously ostentatious!

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