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A Closer Look at the Old State Department Building During the Civil War
Get a better look at the Old State Department Building during the Civil War with this amazing photo. Click on it for some amazing details and find out why there are a large number of wooden boxes at the main entrance to the building.
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This is the Oldest Known Photo of the U.S. Department of State
See the oldest known photo of the U.S. Department of State, taken in 1857. Learn more about the old State Department building before it was located in Foggy Bottom and even before it was located in the State, War, and Navy Building next to the White House.
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1903 Map of Current State Department Location
This is a 1903 map of the current location of the Department of State, on C St. between 21st and 23rd. Obviously, it was very different back then, with New York Ave. running through where the building stands today. 1903 map of Foggy Bottom Source: Library of Congress Two things really jump out at me when checking this out. One is the dog pound that’s located at 23rd and C St. The other...
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The Same Frustrations 100 Years Ago: An Article from The Washington Post on November 8th, 1913
Interesting, and yet things never change. Read an article from The Washington Post written 100 years ago today, which speaks to the same frustrations many express today about US-Mexico relations.
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State Department Full of Rats
rats are gross Yes … literally, not figuratively. This is an amusing article by Mike Causey of the Washington Post, published October 7th, 1968. Despite some talk about cleaning up the mess in Washington, none of the candidates has yet promised to throw the rats out of the State Department. The Foggy Bottom diplomacy factory has its share of rats who seem to think that life with the Government...
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Yosef Alon, Israeli Diplomat Murdered in Bethesda
Yosef Alon was an Israeli diplomat murdered in front of his Bethesda, Maryland home on July 1st, 1973.
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