Department of State

Old State Department Building, corner 15 Street and Pennsylvania Avenue - photo taken during the Civil War

Photo of the State Department During the Civil War

We posted a great old photo of the old State Department Building earlier. Here’s another, similar angle photo of the building, but much clearer. Click on it for some amazing details. Does anyone know why there...
Old State Department Building in 1857

Oldest Photo of State Department

This is the oldest known photo of the U.S. Department of State. The photo is from 1857 and shows the old State Department building, before it was located in Foggy Bottom, and even before it was...
1903 map of Foggy Bottom

1903 Map of Current State Department Location

This is a 1903 map of the current location of the Department of State, on C St. between 21st and 23rd. Obviously, it was very different back then, with New York Ave. running through where the...
President Wilson and his Cabinet

Administration Secrecy Gives Rise to Anxiety and False Reports (1913)

Interesting, and yet things never change. I don’t know if that makes you feel better or worse … but, here’s an article written in The Washington Post, exactly 100 years ago today. This article speaks to the...
Hitler salutes the troops

Nazi Connection to State Department Statue

An athletic-themed statue outside of the State Department is marked with few words — but it has an interesting history. Discobolus is a bronze copy of a fifth century B.C. Greek sculpture by Myron.  You’ll see similar...
rats are gross

State Department Full of Rats

Yes … literally, not figuratively. This is an amusing article by Mike Causey of the Washington Post, published October 7th, 1968. Despite some talk about cleaning up the mess in Washington, none of the candidates has...
Yosef Alon and family. Photo: Courtesy of Alon family

Yosef Alon, Israeli Diplomat Murdered in Bethesda

Yosef Alon was an Israeli diplomat murdered in front of his Bethesda, Maryland home on July 1st, 1973.