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Day: July 2, 2013

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Two young carrying-in boys in Alexandria (Va.) Glass Factory. Frank Clark (on left) 702 N. Patrick St., could neither read nor write, having been to school only a few weeks in his life. Two older brothers work in glass factory, and his father is a candy maker. Frank is working on night shift this week. Ashby Corbin (on right), 413 N. St. Asaph St. Has had only four terms of schooling. See also photos and labels 2260 to 2271. Location: Alexandria, Virginia.

Amazing Photos of Boys Working at the Alexandria Glass Company

This is one of those amazing photographs that you can stare at for hours, just wondering who these two boys were. We dug up an amazing series of photographs at the Library of Congress, showing the lives of young boys working at the Alexandria Glass Company in the 1910s.       If you want […]

Walter Johnson's wife buried. This photograph was taken at the funeral of Mrs. Walter Johnson, wife of the manager of the Washington baseball club. Those in the picture, reading from left to right, include: Mrs. Frank N. Johnson of Coffeyville, Kas., his mother; Walter Johnson; Edwin Johnson, a son; Edwin R. Roberts, Mayor of Reno candidate for the governorship of Nevada, Mrs. Johnson's father; Carolyn and Robert, two of the younger Johnson children, and at the extreme right, the Rev. Joseph E. Williams, pastor of the Bethesda, Md. Episcopal Church, where the Johnsons worshipped

Photo of Hazel Lee Roberts Buried by Husband Walter Johnson

Hazel Johnson (née Hazel Lee Roberts) was only 36 years old when she succumbed to heatstroke on August 1st, 1930. It was such a tragic death for the wife of Washington great Walter Johnson, who understandably took it very hard. Source: Library of Congress Below is the article from the Baltimore Sun, published on August […]

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