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Posted In July 2, 2013

Photograph shows soldiers inside prison area where slaves were held.
The Power of a Stereographic Card: Exploring a Civil War Alexandria Slave Pen
Get a glimpse of history with this powerful stereographic card taken during the Civil War at an Alexandria slave pen. Explore the emotional image and learn more about this significant era.
Walter Johnson's wife buried. This photograph was taken at the funeral of Mrs. Walter Johnson, wife of the manager of the Washington baseball club. Those in the picture, reading from left to right, include: Mrs. Frank N. Johnson of Coffeyville, Kas., his mother; Walter Johnson; Edwin Johnson, a son; Edwin R. Roberts, Mayor of Reno candidate for the governorship of Nevada, Mrs. Johnson's father; Carolyn and Robert, two of the younger Johnson children, and at the extreme right, the Rev. Joseph E. Williams, pastor of the Bethesda, Md. Episcopal Church, where the Johnsons worshipped
Remembering Hazel Johnson (née Hazel Lee Roberts): The Tragic Death of Washington Great Walter Johnson's Wife
Remembering Hazel Johnson (née Hazel Lee Roberts): The tragic death of Washington great Walter Johnson's wife on August 1st, 1930 took its toll on the entire nation. Read about the day Walter and Hazel were married and the Baltimore Sun article about her death.

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