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Day: September 5, 2012

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Woodbridge Estates real estate advertisement - December 7th, 1952

Three Bedroom Ramblers in Woodbridge

This is a cool one from Virginia, right out of the Wonder Years era. That’s right, Kevin Arnold … well, actually, Kevin was born on March 18th, 1956 (thanks Wikipedia!). Nevertheless, this is the kind of home the Arnold’s would have purchased, if they lived in our area. Either this, or something in Falls Church. […]

Weather Bureau Kiosk on Pennsylvania Avenue

This photo from 1912 shows a Weather Bureau kiosk at E Street and Pennsylvania Ave., NW.  It’s a high-resolution image, so feel free to click to see some extra details. Large cities around the country had similar small weather stations installed at street level – but Washington’s was the first. (Here’s a photo of a […]

Map of the Navy Yard Before Nationals Park

Another map! Sweet. I think GoDCer David will dig this. Most of you will dig this because these old maps are amazing. This time, we’re checking out the Navy Yard circa 1921. This is the area around the current Nationals Park. Here is the same area today in Google Maps. Studying the 1921 map closely, […]

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