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Tag: Old Executive Office Building

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Lafayette Park seen from the Old Executive Office Building in 1919 (RU007355 - Martin A. Gruber Photograph Collection, 1919-1924, Smithsonian Institution Archives )

A Rare Glimpse of Lafayette Square in 1919

Take a rare look at Lafayette Square as it appeared in 1919 with a photo and story from the Smithsonian and Ghosts of DC. Learn more about this unique scene and the Old Executive Office Building.

State, War, and Navy Building late 19th century by William Henry Jackson

Incredible Photo of State, War, Navy Building

This is an incredible photo that needs no commentary. It was taken by William Henry Jackson some time near the end of the 19th century. I came across this on a cool photo archive site Photographium. Click the image for a high-resolution shot. Related articles Spooky Colorized Photo of Washington Opera Singer  Colorized Photo of […]

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