Oak View - home of President Cleveland - Oct. 3, 1897

We're guessing a good number of you know the answer to this. There's also a good group of you who don't know, are quite curious,...

This is an incredible old map from 1887 showing today's Mt. Pleasant and Columbia Heights. You have to click on this for greater details. You'll...

Grover Cleveland's presidential train

Check out the transportation used by presidents before Air Force One. Source: Library of Congress

Map of Washington, D.C., and environs : with marginal numbers and measuring tape attachment for instantly locating points of interest within a radius of twenty miles from the Capitol /

This is a terrific old map of Washington from 1887. Source: Library of Congress

1887 map of Rockville

Check out this 1887 map of a much smaller Rockville. This was way back when Grover Cleveland was the U.S. President, and just about...

The national capital, Washington, D.C. Sketched from nature by Adolph Sachse, 1883-1884.

Check out this amazing map of Washington from 1883. Click on it for a larger version. Source: Library of Congress

C&O Canal from Wisconsin Avenue Bridge, Georgetown circa 1920 (Library of Congress)

Here's a story to throw into the crazy bin. We came across this piece in The Washington Post printed on June 24th, 1888. A brutal murder...

Fire and Police Station location s in 1880

Where were the police and fire stations located in Washington back in 1880? Check out this great old map. Source: Library of Congress This was done...

Our national capital, viewed from the South

We found this cool wood engraving from 1882, meant to depict the National Mall looking from the South. In the image, you can see...

Here's a cool old photograph taken by Frances Benjamin Johnston showing Riggs Bank and the Department of Justice. Source: Library of Congress

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