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Single Cold Morning Link

The breaker. (Photos by Pablo Maurer/DCist)

One link for you this morning, because it’s a really cool one. Check this out, and happy Friday! Ruins of coal: This is a fascinating piece in DCist on the Huber Coal Breaker. Great photos. [DCist]

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Snowy, Icy Morning Links

The Evening Star - 1906

That snowstorm wasn’t as bad as we thought. I was really hoping for a mini-Snowpocalypse. You? Here are your morning links GoDCers! Animals love snow: You have to check out these photos of animals playing in the snow at the …

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Ten Best Quotes in D.C. Sports History

Bryce Harper - "clown question bro"

There’s certainly been no shortage of colorful characters on the Washington sports scene. From Sonny Jurgensen to John Riggins to Curtis Portis on the Redskins and from Walter Johnson to Bucky Harris to Bryce Harper on the Nationals, DC sportswriters have …

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Three Lost D.C. Saloons

D. Mullany's Saloon at 14th and E St. NW in 1913

We haven’t done a good “Three Things …” post in a while, so here’s one listing three old saloons in Washington. We dug through the old newspaper archives and came across a classified listing of businesses in The Washington Post from …

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Answer to the Baseball House Puzzle

Baseball House Puzzle answer

Sorry, this was supposed to auto-publish yesterday afternoon, but didn’t. Here’s the solution to Donovan’s Baseball House Puzzle, printed in The Washington Post on October 7th, 1894. Did any of you get this? Below is the article. Last Monday evening Mr. J. …

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The Baseball House Puzzle of 1894

The Baseball House Puzzle

Here’s a terrific puzzle for you to solve, from our last post about the Baseball House and William Donovan. Below are the directions printed in The Washington Post back in 1894. We’ll be posting the answer at the end of the …

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