Why Is It Named…?

What is the history behind the names of popular locations in Washington?

Why Is It Named Centreville?

Centreville during the Civil War

Source: Documentarist This is an interesting, though somewhat obvious origin of a town’s name: Centreville. The town of Centreville (it was originally Centerville) was established in 1792, near the intersection of present day Lee Highway and Sully Road. At the …

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Why Is It Named Greenbelt?

Greenbelt as seen from the air during construction (Library of Congress)

The area we now know as Greenbelt, Maryland, started in 1937 as a public cooperative community during the New Deal. Interestingly, it was one of three affordable, “green” towns planned a few years earlier by Rexford Guy Tudwell, who was …

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Why Is It Named Gaithersburg?

Historic Train station in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

For this edition of “Why Is It Named…?” we will head out to the Maryland suburbs of Gaithersburg. Do you know the town’s origin? We certainly didn’t, until a little sleuthing (and Wikipedia-ing) uncovered the story. The town currently known …

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