1888 Map of Swampoodle

GoDCers love maps … and they love Swampoodle. If you’re unfamiliar with Swampoodle, it was a rough and tumble, working-class Irish neighborhood which was destroyed to make way for Union Station in the early 1900s (stay tuned for another map of the area showing the proposed rail station).

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1888 Sanborn fire insurance map of Swampoodle
1888 Sanborn fire insurance map of Swampoodle

Here is a Google Map of the same area today.

[googlemaps https://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=38.902915,-77.005963&spn=0.008366,0.013046&t=m&z=16&output=embed]

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  • Bloomingdame

    Just happened on this while searching for something else, so thought I would add to your Union Station info.


  • it’s a shame you can’t get the google map to display at the same scale as the sanborn

  • Jeff Swampy Kabacinski

    The local baseball team (1886-88) was playing ball just off the edge of this map.