Brickskeller: It’s New … It’s Different

The slow demise of Brickskeller was sad to witness. The place was full of so many fond memories. I’m sure many of you remember back when you could smoke in bars … that place was pretty nasty, but it had true character. You would spend hours sitting around the table playing a game of order the most obscure beer (and make sure you have a back-up because they usually didn’t have your first choice).

I loved that place. Then the beer renaissance arrived in D.C. with places like Pizzeria Paradiso, ChurchKey and you could start getting great beer on tap at almost every restaurant in the city. The novelty of Brickskeller being the only place to get that hard-to-find beer was wearing thin.

I miss Brickskeller and I miss the times I spent there with friends. True, Bier Baron is there and it’s almost the same place, but it just doesn’t have that Brickskeller feel. Sadly, that’s gone.

Check out the advertisement below from 1957, the year Brickskeller opened. This was published in the Washington Post on October 16th, 1957, nine days after their opening.

Brickskeller advertisement - October 1th, 1957 (Washington Post)
Brickskeller advertisement – October 1th, 1957 (Washington Post)

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  • Ahhh…the Brickskeller. Back in the 80s when there were no micro-brews here on the East Coast, the imports from Europe was the only way to get some quality beer, and Brickskeller had them aplenty. At one point they had 100 beers on their menu. My Dad loved going there to taste the beers of his youth. When I turned 16 my Dad took me there to taste beers. Back in those days if you went with your parents you could get a beer or two, there wasn’t such a hard-line on the drinking age. I had some really good beers there.

  • Loved the Brickskeller! Spent many many evenings there. Used to be the only place I could get a Newcastle, now you can get one basically anywhere…

  • coneyraven

    The Brickskeller was fantastic …. back in the 80’s, several friends and I would bring a world atlas, close our eyes, pick a country, and there’s where the beers of the evening came from ….. We lived in Columbia so the proximity to the Dupont Circle Metro made it easy to sober up by the time we got to Silver Spring, get the car, and go home — I also remember them being famous for Buffalo Meat Pizzas

  • Tom OD

    Memories were made the in the late ’60’s and early ’70’s High Schoolers across the Potomac from Va. Frequented the place. My wife, of 43 years, had our first date their. Smoke drink play games, talk amongst friends and strangers – the cheers of its day will surely be missed but not forgotten.

  • Anon

    What’s in that space now?

    • Tom

      Bier Baron

  • blawton

    Two places I miss in the area: The Brickskeller and the Childe Harold. Great memories at both places.