Great Aerial Photos of National Airport and Spout Run

Here are two great photos sent in by GoDCer Ken, who was raised in Arlington. The first shot is an aerial photo around Washington National and the Pentagon. The second one is Spout Run near Lee Highway and Dead Man’s Hollow.

aerial view of Washington National and the Pentagon
aerial view of Washington National and the Pentagon
Rosslyn, Ballston, and Spout Run
Rosslyn, Ballston, and Spout Run

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  • Sheila Gilbert

    Would love to know how to send you photos of what I’ve found at the Library of Congress. I was looking through Victory Gardens that were planted all over DC during the War, and not only found one, but also found the building that still stands today, on that same spot. (using Google maps)
    The photo is of people planting in front of this building that is to the right, and a group of homes on the left, all still there.
    So Cool! Post an e-mail address for me, and I will send the information or the photos, or whatever you would like.
    My father, who was born in a house in DC, and lived, and worked there all his life, made a video of many places around Washington, and told us stories about some of them. of course a lot of them were about when he was growing up, and about the pranks kids would pull on each other, however he showed us a house on the corner of where he grew up, and told us it was a famous baking house, where everyone purchased their bread each day, and they even provided for the white house. Only wish I had more videos like that one.