Arlington GoDCers, Can You Identify This Block?

Here’s another challenge for you Arlington folks. This is a photo taken around 1921, and it shows a few homes in Lyon Park. Any idea where this is or if these homes still exist?

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homes in Lyon Park
homes in Lyon Park

Source: Library of Congress

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  • rochenbleu

    N. Lincoln St. one block north of Pershing Drive. Lived at 434 N. Lincoln, looks like first house on left next to 5th Street N.

  • Mooser

    One friend of the Arlington Historical Society also suggested: Pershing Drive. While another thought it might be Fillmore and First Street?

  • DCGalAshtonHeights

    I don’t think it could be N. Lincoln, as it’s located in Ashton Heights, but hard to tell.

  • Matt
  • ellie eshelman

    Both houses on right and left still exist. House on the right has been renovated.

  • Johnny

    That’s the 700 block of North Fillmore Street. I grew up on the street and recognized it immediately!

  • Dave

    This is Fillmore Street, 700/800 block, looking North. Most of the homes still stand. The photo must be 1920 because our 1920 home appears to just be foundations.

  • ipitythefool

    A rough side by side comparison of this picture and how it looks now.