Southeast View from the Capitol Dome

Happy Sunday. Below is an amazing photograph, taken around 1880 from the top of the U.S. Capitol. The view is southeast, down Pennsylvania Ave., toward the Anacostia River. It includes a block of five homes at 1st and A St. SE, built around 1800 and razed in 1887 to build the Library of Congress.

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view southeast from the U.S. Capitol
view southeast from the U.S. Capitol

Thanks to the Library of Congress for this amazing shot.

  • firecoalman

    I wonder what that collection of stele-like objects would be in the left foreground. Anyone know?

  • Sheila

    I question this because even from the capital dome you have a very long block on Independence Ave before you are on Pennsylvania Ave. Of course having no idea where this was actually taken from on the dome, makes it kind of hard to determine too. However if you check a current map, you will notice that all the triangles on PA Ave are still there!!! Really cool photo!