1874 Map of Georgetown’s Old Street Names

Check out this terrific 1874 map of Georgetown with the old street names.

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1874 map of Georgetown
1874 map of Georgetown

Source: Dig DC

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The Real Estate Directory of the City of Washington, D.C., Suburbs of Washington City, Serial Number 50 is a series of maps of recorded subdivisions beyond the city limits published by Faehtz & Pratt in 1874. Maps show streets, lot numbers and dimensions, property lines, and some building footprints. Landowners and estate names are included for large parcels. Outside of Georgetown, subdivision maps showing only property lines indicate that they were undeveloped at that time.

1874 Map of Suburban Mt. Pleasant

This is a great old map, about a decade earlier than this one of Columbia …

  • Sandbarindc

    Very cool, but what was “The Slip” between High Street and Valley Street?

    • publius washingtoniensis

      If I had to guess, I would say it was the “back street” neighborhood where African Americans lived. All the houses along the west side of 32nd Street NW, which is where The Slip was, appear to have been built in the 1950s, leading to my surmise that a landlord demolished old rental properties where blacks lived.