Cool 1916 Bird’s-Eye View of Washington

We can’t remember if we posted this already, but it doesn’t matter … because it’s sweet. This is a bird’s-eye view of Washington, looking toward the northeast.

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1916 bird's eye view of Washington
1916 bird’s eye view of Washington

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  • That’s a great image. It’s hard to imagine that, only a hundred years before, D.C. was something of a “punishment post” for diplomats.

  • An interesting thing about this cool image: It shows a version of National Geographic’s headquarters that was designed but never built. It’s shown in this painting as a red-roofed building with a tower, a few blocks north of the White House on 16th Street, a block south of Scott Circle. The version that was built a few years later excluded the tower. The headquarters were expanded again three times after the historic photo seen here:

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