Old Photo Friday: 9th St. NW in 1915

These high-resolution photos continue to amaze me with their details. This one is from 1915, showing some activity on 9th St. NW, near downtown. The block on the left is currently occupied by the FBI building.

looking north on 9th St. NW in 1915 (Shorpy)
looking north on 9th St. NW in 1915 (Shorpy)

Click the image for greater detail and look carefully at all the stores on the left. Part of me wishes Officer Sprinkle would turn up in one of these photos. How cool would that be?

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  • Ace

    Very nice– nostalgic and lends itself to great speculation (sounds, smells, chatter). The optics on this camera may have been high quality, and the film was definitely capable of a faster than normal exposure time. The people are receding away from the camera, which helps to give this image very lttle blur, other than the man closest to the camera, on the right of the photo, and the feet of the policeman on the bicycle. Even the horse is in focus. Then too, the film size was about 8″X10″ and this size would also lend itself to a more in-focus enlargement.

  • Wait is this where the 9:30 club was? (9th and F? cue nostalgic sigh…)

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