Springsteen Rocks Washington … in 1980

I suspect you’re checking out the blog this morning thinking, hmm … something looks different. Well, I spent the bulk of my posting time this past weekend cleaning up the new design of the site. The posts might be a little thinner this week as a result, but I think the new look is better. I hope you agree. Also, it’s much better suited to video posts, so I’ll be adding a bunch of those this week.

Did you go to Springsteen last night at the Verizon Center? Or maybe you’re going tomorrow. If you are, I’m jealous.

Well, more than three decades ago, The Boss rocked out to about 15,000 crazy fans at the old Capital Centre in Landover, MD. That place had some seriously great concerts and I’m sure a bunch of of GoDCers have fond memories of the place. I remember seeing my first Phish show back there, way back in the day — sadly, this was almost 20 years ago.

Get psyched listening to Springsteen sing Hungry Heart and if you’re going to the shows this week, have a great time!

  • Back in the 70s when Dupont Circle was more like Adams Morgan used to be – more edgy, grimy and sketchier – The Boss played at Childe Harold (now Darlington House). That must’ve been something!

  • I saw him at RFK for the kick off of the Born in the USA tour. Awesome show. Great banter, crowd, music, and a show that lasted for more than 4 hours in the muggy, humid DC heat. No breeze from the river. It was awesome to say the least. Followed up with the tour in Philly at the Vet and in Jersey at the Meadowlands. Great music, summer and music.

    • Would love to find film or pics of that show … must have been amazing.