Reverend Alexander Crummell’s Thanksgiving Sermon, November 26, 1895

Reverend Alexander Crummell was an African American who was recognized by WEB Dubois for his abilities in the book Souls of Black Folk (1903). We found the sermon he gave entitled A Thanksgiving Sermon, on November 26, 1895. He delivered the sermon to three congregations, including the 15th St. Presbyterian Church, and the two Congressional Churches. Crummell, who was the reverend at St. Luke’s Church on 15th and Church Sts., NW, spoke about the struggles of African Americans to become full citizens. In the sermon, he talks about how African Americans are kept ignorant, saying, “intellectual aspiration has characterized the race in all the lands of their servitude.”  He identifies several instances of hope for African Americans, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, including persevering through the institution of slavery.

The cover of his sermon is below. Click here to read the entire sermon.

A Thanksgiving Sermon, Alexander Crummell
A Thanksgiving Sermon, Alexander Crummell

Below, you’ll see a picture of St. Luke’s Church, where Crummell preached.

St. Luke's Church
St. Luke’s Church

Source: Library of Congress

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