Why Is It Named Centreville?

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Centreville during the Civil War
Centreville during the Civil War

Source: Documentarist

This is an interesting, though somewhat obvious origin of a town’s name: Centreville.

The town of Centreville (it was originally Centerville) was established in 1792, near the intersection of present day Lee Highway and Sully Road. At the time, it was a village named Newgate. Originally, the town was within the boundary of Loudoun County, becoming a part of Fairfax County in 1798 when the boundaries were adjusted.

Local landowners had petitioned the Virginia General Assembly to establish the town as the center point between the more established towns: Alexandria, Colchester, Dumfries, Middleburg, Georgetown, Warrenton, and Leesburg. Take a look at the Google Map of all the towns below, with Centreville in the middle.

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