Foxhall Village: Formerly Known as Harlem?

That’s right. At one point, D.C. had it’s own Harlem.

Harlem, DC
Harlem, DC

The plot of land between Conduit Road (now MacArthur Boulevard)  and Foxhall Road was developed in the early 1880s and named Harlem, after the town in the Netherlands (i.e., Haarlem). The neighborhood is west of Georgetown and was on the Great Falls Electric Railroad.

Most of today’s Foxhall was developed in the 1920s, but for a while, it maintained its original name.

March 5th, 1928
March 5th, 1928 – Washington Post

By the way, The Foxhall Community Citizens Association has an interesting website with some good history on it. Check them out. Also, if there are some Foxhall GoDCers out there, share this with your neighbors.

Take a look at the full map below.

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1903 Baist real estate atlas
1903 Baist real estate atlas

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    Hi, Tom, What a great old map. It shows the Convent of the Visitation in relation to the College and the river–but it is 1903. Any chance you could find a map showing how students would arrive from Chicago to the Convent between 1866-1870? Love all we learn from your postings. Thanks kindly.