Dazzling Display For Visiting Nicaraguan President (1939)

This is a photograph we dug up at the Library of Congress. It shows a parade in honor of Nicaraguan President Gen. Anastasio Somoza, visiting the city on May 5th, 1939.

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parade in honor of Nicaraguan President - May 5th, 1939
parade in honor of Nicaraguan President – May 5th, 1939

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  • 2n2222

    So they had the Goodyear blimp in 1939? It’s flying near the Capitol dome.

  • Publius Washingtoniensis

    The blimp was probably military — US Army Air Corps. An interesting question is when did the US stop doing big parades for visiting heads of state? The films of the arrival of King George V and Queen Elizabeth (the late Queen Mother) later in 1939 are great, and some are in color. I remember from my boyhood that when Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie made a state visit, there was a big parade from Union Station up Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House. I believe it was customary for government employees to be give leave to help “flesh out” the crowds watching the arriving head of state. It’s certainly not done today.