Horsecar at Intersection in Georgetown

Below is a terrific photo taken in 1893. This is the intersection (today) of Wisconsin and O St. NW in Georgetown.

Horse car in Washington, D.C. at Wisconsin and O St. NW (1889)
Horse car in Washington, D.C. at Wisconsin and O St. NW (1893)

The main building you see on the corner is still there. Check out the Google Street View today. Cool.

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  • Jerry A. McCoy / Peabody Room

    Curious as to who cited that Johnston took this well-known photograph which I have NEVER seen credited to her.

  • tomh

    As I said before, I discovered GoDC I was research creation of an audio-visual program on DC history. You sure have the content. You just need a microphone, a virtual set and a couple of crusty retired TV guys and history buffs to record information. I’m sure DC cable and college stations/website would be immediately interested, and maybe WETA and MPT. Local TV and radio stations. Maybe the History Channel would get interested in real history again instead of the junk now polluting the airwaves. This is certainly something to explore. It would take a team of contributors and sponsors so other GoDC enthusiasts may want to brainstorm about it. I’ve got the AV tools and programming knowhow. After we talked today I viewed GoDC again. and was inspired to dredge up my old plans…and I look forward to your recommendations on Web companies in DC, too. BTW, I used to subscribe to the NJ’s Capitol Source before it ceased printing. Cheers tomh

  • sophie

    I sold flowers on that corner about 15 years ago.