Superior Homes in Fashionable Washington Heights

Old real estate advertisements are the best. This one is from the Evening Star on Saturday, May 28th, 1904. For some interesting trivia, soccer fans will be thrilled to know that exactly one week earlier, May 21st, the International Association of Federation Football (FIFA) was created.

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Washington Heights real estate advertisement in 1904
Washington Heights real estate advertisement in 1904

Also, Washington Heights is now known as Adams Morgan.

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  • What is Baltimore St. called these days?

    • It looks to be Biltmore Street. Here is what the houses there look like:

      • Thanks for that link Mike. Love that street! I looked up the latest assessment for 1936 Biltmore NW and it pegs at $1,134,500. $10,500 of 1904 dollars is about $264,000 in 2012 dollars. Not bad: a 400% return in real dollars and 10,800% return dollar-for-dollar.

  • Anon

    Where did you find this advertisement?

  • Jay Nix

    It’s now Biltmore St. We refer to the area as Kalorama Triangle or Kal-Tri. Adams Morgan is across the street. 🙂