IMAGE: Five Maps of Georgetown in 1903

1903 map of Georgetown waterfront

Hover your mouse over the image to zoom in. Tap and hold on a touch screen device.

These are amazing. Take your time studying them because there are so many incredible details in them. Click on them for larger versions.

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  • Frankie

    This looks like it might be the corner of 15th and F, and that’s the Treasury Dept. building in the background. (It, too, has Ionic columns.)

  • VanNess

    17th St. leading down toward Farragut Square. Scott and Thomas Circles on Mass Ave are in the background. I work across from the Sumner School on 17th and M; it’s about the only building still left…

  • Chip

    Strayer College (Now Strayer University) is located on the top floor of the building t the left. It still has its home campus in DC.

    • DCMadam

      The original Homer building (now a façade) is located on 13th Street. That was the original home of Strayer College in the ’60s.

  • SkorpioG

    Look at the Google satellite view of the current intersection. There is vast open space there, as if they were considering building a future circle. A circle could still be built today without much trouble. All of the buildings are located well away from the intersection.

  • thegayblade

    Looks like the women are dressed in burkas.

    • Patrick Robinson

      That is Obama’s ultimate goal.

      • Andrea Kelly

        No it isn’t.

        • just a number

          nuh uh

        • Marlene Patterson

          How did Mr Obama get into this history of DC discussion.

          • Kathleen Franklin

            Trolls do that.

          • Popeye D. Saylorman

            Easy, when he got elected president.

      • JCF


      • Patricia Pugsley

        Why do the trolls come out of the woodwork all the time???

  • Popeye D. Saylorman

    They were very energy aware then as the low structure in the middle of the page is 3 solar panels mounted.

  • ZZinDC

    Sort of a never-never land 19th century DC…. the Capitol has the expanded wings and the new dome (1863) but the Washington Monument is shown as complete, but in the original design, with the base colonnade that was never built.

  • matt

    I sort have become a fan of the old knickers. They kind of grew on me. Its amazing how they stayed in fashion in one way or another since the 1400s up to the 1940s.

    • SZGY

      Touche’, and nice touch liking your own post!

  • matt

    The women in the background with the long black dresses look like walking death.

    • whitemocha89

      What “women” and what ‘background’ are you referring to?

      • mia kulper

        Thank you for pointing that out. My thoughts exactly….what “women” and what “background”?

      • SZGY

        He posts the same thing on other grainy images, where you are lucky to make out even a large building. See “knickers” post above. I think it is intended to pique our curiosity that there is an even higher res image in the image. There ain’t. And no knickers either, sorry.

        • reifdoogan

          I see knickers. Boy crossing street and paper boy.

  • Kathleen Franklin

    On of the interesting things about this photo is the windows. Look how many of them are slightly open. Bet that doesn’t happen these days.

  • Ariesman85

    Why would we NOT want to see this today, perhaps as a major parade on Armed Forces Day?! We could really show up the Russians on their Victory Day Parade, and we could use it as propaganda of our own to counter North Korean military parades. We don’t need to include nuclear missile launches or anything of the sort, just showcase the fleets of various bombers and fighter jets overhead while we roll tanks, trucks, armored personnel carriers, and mine resistant armored vehicles down Pennsylvania Avenue with our Army, Marines, Reservists and National Guard marching along with them. What is wrong with showcasing our military and showing our appreciation?! The American public would gain a newfound respect in this awesome display once a year. Trust me, it is badly needed for effect, at home and abroad.

    • Patricia Pugsley

      Dude, seriously? This was 150 years ago. Quit trolling history.

      • Ariesman85

        150 years ago?! Are you sure about that?!

      • Popeye D. Saylorman

        More like 107 years ago.

  • Stephen T

    Rosslyn looks so quaint.