Cool 1880 Map of Fire and Police Stations in D.C.

Where were the police and fire stations located in Washington back in 1880? Check out this great old map.

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Fire and Police Station location s in 1880
Fire and Police Station location s in 1880

Source: Library of Congress

This was done by the same people that did the great 1880 property values map, street sweeping schedule map, and the streetcar lines map.

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  • John M

    Ghosts: Anacostia’s Engine Company 15 didn’t open until 1905. First DCFD east of the river. But Anacostia did have a MPD station / substation that isn’t on the map.

  • ET

    You can tell by where stations are and aren’t how developed an area was. I live just south of Lincoln Park and I don’t that that area and east of me had house but there weren’t as many of them as there started to be in the teens and twenties.

  • Damn. Looks like Mt. Pleasant Street didn’t even exist! I live right where it intersects with 16th and my building was built in 1930.

  • Page 7

    And in Dupont Swann St. used to be called Oregon St.

  • M_B_G

    in 1880 the plan for extending the streets beyond Florida Ave which we have today was not even a glimmer on the horizon. 1888 to 1908 saw the planning of our current street system.