1940s High-Altitude Photo of D.C. and Arlington

GoDCer Chris graciously offered to share this cool aerial photo of Washington, taken sometime in the 1940s. Compare it to the Google Map below.

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1940s aerial photo of Washington
1940s aerial photo of Washington
[googlemaps https://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=38.866444,-77.058449&spn=0.131118,0.216122&t=k&z=13&output=embed]

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  • hadleyrille

    Wild. So 395 basically ended in Fairlington/Shirlington?

  • Jay Roberts

    Wow, where do I start with old and new Alexandria?

    One of the coolest sights is the old bed for the Alexandria Canal, running along side Potomac Yard’s western border.

    Did that get used for the Metro line?

  • Stephen labas

    can you search for old photos in specific neighborhood?

  • thm

    So there WAS a bridge at T Street NE crossing the railroad tracks! I’d seen it on old maps but never in a photograph. (And occasionally, a new map thinks a bridge is still there too.)

  • DAR

    Can anyone identify the bridge over the Anacostia appearing between the 11th Street Bridge and the Sousa Bridge in the photograph? I can find no record of it anywhere else, except for a couple historic pictures, from about the same time, on the Navy Yard’s website. It’s misidentified as the Sousa Bridge in the caption, however.

    Catalog #: NH 97842