Help Identify These Boarding Houses (c. 1940)

GoDCers, we need your help. Where is this? The photo was sent in by Ben this week and we’d love to help him identify the location. I’m guessing that there’s a fifty percent chance they still stand today, but if they do, please let us know in the comments below where you think these are. Thanks!

boarding houses in Washington (1940)
boarding houses in Washington (1940)

Source: Charles W. Cushman Photograph Collection

Speaking of boarding houses, don’t forget to read our post on how to run a successful Washington boarding house circa 1880.

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  • ET

    These houses look fairly ornate and substantial but with what looks to be a big building off to the far right makes me think closer to what think of as downtown. I want to think more Logan/Dupont Circle or maybe Mt. Vernon Square, and not the Hill or Columbia Heights, Petworth etc.

  • KNS

    Looks like a few houses I know of near Columbia Heights, between 13th and 14th Streets, just a few blocks north of Columbia Road

    • Ghosts of DC

      I still feel like this is Dupont, Logan, or maybe Mt. Vernon. What do you think?

  • Fred

    I think it might be the north side of the 900 block of M street, NW.

    • Lisa


  • Pat

    Could also perhaps be K street NW (west of McPherson Square). As a little kid (early 1950s), I remember there were still lots of substatial red houses there before they were torn down for office buildings.