Old Italian Embassy in Better Days

The building is such an amazing one and it’s truly sad that it still sits there empty. Hopefully someone will do something with it soon, as the shell of the building is just a sad reminder of what it once was. This is the Italian embassy, formerly at 16th and Fuller in the 1920s.

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old Italian embassy at 16th and Fuller
old Italian embassy at 16th and Fuller

Source: Library of Congress

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  • Peoples Hernandez

    I used to visit the embassy quite often in the 1998 – 2001 time frame. At the time it was in its original state and in need of restoration. The embassy moved to its new location off of Massachusetts Avenue and the old site was sold off to developers. The development plans never got off the ground and the building is now an empty shell. I hope that it will some day be restored to its former glory.