Aftermath of the 1929 West Wing Fire

We’re on a bit of a photo binge this week, having uncovering some serious gems in the Library of Congress archives. Here’s another great one. This is from December 26th, 1929, the day after a fire ripped through the West Wing.

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aftermath of the 1929 White House fire
aftermath of the 1929 White House fire

Below is a shot of the firemen fighting the fire the previous night.

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fire in the West Wing (1929)
fire in the West Wing (1929)


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  • Bill Reeves

    it must have seemed like the British had returned.

  • Sheila

    Almost makes me wonder if it was due to the Crash just 1-2 moths prior to this. Maybe someone got mad!! LOL

  • Audrey Burtrum-Stanley

    This was a Christmas Fire at the White House. It was contained to just a small area of the 130-some room structure. Pres. and Mrs. Hoover gave small wrought iron firetrucks to commemorate the ‘exciting / historic / daunting’ event. These gifts were presented to some children who were their guests at that period.