April 15th, 1912: Titanic Kept Afloat, Being Towed to Halifax, Nova Scotia

This was the front page of the Washington Times in the evening of Monday, April 15th, 1912. It’s rather haunting seeing this today, over a hundred years later. Many Washingtonians likely went to bed thinking things would probably be fine with the Titanic (and D.C.’s famous resident and White House aide, Archibald Butt).

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The Washington Times on April 15th, 1912
The Washington Times on April 15th, 1912

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  • Kevin Parker

    Fascinating! My mother’s godmother, Mary Agatha Glynn, a young Irish woman, was one of the few third-class passengers who survived the sinking. Apparently, she was coming to stay with her brother who lived near North Capitol Street. When my grandparents (also Irish) moved to the Eckington neighborhood around 1919, they became friendly with the Glynns.

  • Sheila

    Won’t come up for me. (enlarge) All the others have so far.

  • mia kulper

    The sinking of the Lusitania produced the same optimistic early headlines. First word was that there was no loss of life . Loss is painful but imagine the horror when the actual level of loss was realized.