Hang This Map on Your Wall

GoDCer, and über cartophile, Matt has sent along something that we’re compelled to share with you … because GoDCers love maps!

1851 map of Washington, D.C. in canvas
1851 map of Washington, D.C. in canvas

We posted an awesome 1851 map of D.C. a while ago, and it was one of our most popular posts ever. The good news is, thanks to Matt, you can now have that incredible map and hang it on your wall.

Check out the other maps he has available on Etsy. A cool map of D.C. in 1793, one from 1819 and another from 1846. We really want to see some of those old Baist real estate maps on there, so if you agree, let’s try and convince him to put a few of those up, like the one of Lincoln Park from 1903 or Ledroit Park in 1907.

Christmas present anyone? Ghosts

Thanks for sharing the map love Matt! We should get you to make a framed canvas portrait of Officer Sprinkle.

1819 map of Washington, D.C.
1819 map of Washington, D.C.

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  • Jessica Ferrer

    This map has some classy coordinates!!!