Afternoon Video: Clara Barton’s Missing Soldiers Office

Clara Barton's Missing Soldiers Office
Clara Barton’s Missing Soldiers Office

We put out a call the other day for some story suggestions and GoDCer from Chicago, Rose, sent along the idea of digging into Clara Barton’s former office and boarding house on 7th St. NW.

This excellent video by C-SPAN tells the incredible story of the building and how it had been “lost” for over a century before a construction worker discovered the true identity of the building. The building had been slated for demolition and redevelopment, but a last minute discovery saved the building.

It’s a great story, so watch the entire clip.

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  • Susan Rosenvold

    Thanks for the interest and the post. I love this blog! Question: Does anyone have any 1860-1870s photos of the 400 block of 7th St NW that might show the building? I’m also looking for photos of residential interiors. Any help will be greatly appreciated (and properly credited!).

  • RE Almanace

    I had a nice conversation with the man who found this office, when I viewed the building and that special room a few years ago

  • Richard Hall

    Thanks for sharing. This clip is part of an hour-long program if you want to hear more details about the story: