Photo of Hyattsville Hardware in 1940

This is a terrific old photo of Hyattsville Hardware taken in June of 1940. The building still stands at 5123 Baltimore Ave.

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Hyattsville Hardware in 1940
Hyattsville Hardware in 1940

Source: Library of Congress

Below is the same building today on Google Street View. The building now houses Franklins, which is a brewpub that I haven’t yet been to … but I know where I’ll be going this coming weekend! Check them out if you haven’t before and follow them on Twitter.

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  • JCF

    That’s awesome!

  • Tom Dooley

    The windows around floors 2 and 3 look like they are in dire need of some TLC. If the owners of that building continue along those same lines of neglect, who knows how much longer it will remain standing.

  • Franklins is pretty good. Like their onion rings. Be sure to hit their shop nextdoor to pick up some beer to go.