18th Century Map of What Would Become Arlington

How cool is this old map of Arlington? It shows Arlington County as it looked in the 18th century. By the way, do you know why it’s named Arlington?

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Arlington County in the 1700s
Arlington County in the 1700s

Source: Library of Congress

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  • David H.

    Huh, but it didn’t become Arlington County until 1920, right? ‘Cause in the 18th century it was part of Fairfax County, then donated to DC (and became Alexandria County), and then renamed Arlington County in 1920 b/c of the City of Alexandria. I see from the link that the map was apparently made in 1960, so that explains that. But definitely confusing when you know that it wasn’t called Arlington County until the 20th century!

  • Ellen

    I find the “Road to the Falls” interesting. Did it go to Chain Bridge or Great Falls? What was going on over there that a specific road was needed?

    • kingbonehead

      Road to the Falls was likely Little Falls Rd. which began as a path used by native american indians traveling between the potomac and are around what is now falls churck.

  • Erin Benbennick

    The “Road to the Falls” looks like it might be Glebe Rd, which would lead to Chain Bridge

  • Paul McLane

    I’ve been trying to match this up with a modern map. What is “Hoe Hill” now, for instance? Fascinating.