Beautiful Old Photo Looking Down Pennsylvania Avenue

When was this photo taken? Can you help date it, because it wasn’t properly labeled. It appears to be the view down Pennsylvania Avenue towards the White House from the Capitol Dome.

Looking down Pennsylvania Avenue
Looking down Pennsylvania Avenue

Source: Library of Congress

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  • ET

    That looks like the Metropolitan Methodist church which was torn down in 1934.

  • Martin Moeller

    I concur that the very slender spire visible at center is that of Metropolitan Methodist, completed in 1871. The portion of the Capitol Grounds in the foreground seems to reflect the Olmsted redesign, which was executed over an extended period beginning in the 1870s and ending in about 1894. I can’t quite tell whether Olmsted’s light standards and other elements are in place yet in this image. I don’t see any sign of the tower of the [Old] Post Office on Pennsylvania Avenue, built in the late 1890s. My guess is that this image dates to the early 1890s, but someone more familiar with the specific commercial buildings visible in the fore- and middle ground might have a better estimate.